Happy New Year To All My Friends & Fans….Wishing You The Best In 2016Late Model History2015-lmHappy New Year To All My Friends & Fans….Wishing You The Best In 2016

Okay, so the past few months have been crazy for me. The rush to get my stuff from Owen Sound, storage and into our new place, then sorting through tons of boxes and getting my living place organized was very successful but very time consuming…..and then Christmas, a time I love very much. Now it’s time to activate what’s been in the back of my mind, on hold, for months.
The first thing I need to do is finish Diary of A Season 2105. It’s great to run 5 features in one night, but it’s another thing to write about it and I didn’t get the time to finish the stories. I will this week, because I am caught up.
I will have my race budget done by today, my schedule soon, and confirming sponsors for 2016. I am sure that Quaker State will be back for 2016, I should have confrimation soon. Lincoln Welders, PPG, Timber Green, Grind Stone have committed to being with me in 2016. I hope to have the rest of my sponsors confirmed within a week or so.
Thanks for you patience, and your awesome support.
I plan to be keeping this site updated regularily now that I am settled.

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