Our 3rd show of the year is May 9th with the Innisfil Beach Cruisers at Innisfil Park from 9 am until 3 pm, and then we head quickly to Full Throttle Speedway, driving right by one of my all time favorite tracks, NASCAR’s Sunset Speedway. I know they will miss me, but they have close to 30 Late Models. I will blow the horn, as we pass by. I am going to miss all my fans and competitors there, and a great bunch of owners, managers and staff. Great people I will see at least 6 times tho when OSCAAR visits, and once in the Late Model for Family Faith Night.
We will proceed west on 89 heading to Varney and Full Throttle Speedway, where our 2015, and 47th season begins.
The last time we raced our Late Model at Varney was 2012.
We are hoping for a great day at the beach with the Innisfil Beach Cruisers and a fun night of racing Full Throttle Speedway. Hope to see some of our fans at both places.

Modifed Takes New Look….Not A Troyer

Last year our car was declared legal, and the roof rake passed tech. However, for 2015 the body height rule, measured 10 inches back from the windshield is suppose to be 45″. Ours was 45 at the back of the roof and only 42 at the 10″ point. Ron Easton did some fabricating, to get the car to the proper height and even he is disappointed at the new look we have now. Nothing like a Troyer, little rake, in fact I am very disappointed.
I always loved the look of the Whelan Modifieds, my favorite race car in the world. When I saw Brent McLeans #7 three years ago, I was surprised that the Mods had that look. I was use to the All Pro Modifieds that to me were nothing in style like the Whelan Mod. I found a car I liked and bought it last year and was very excited to have that Whelan style. It was also refreshing that OSCAAR stated they were heading in the direction of Whelan style bodies. Well a 45″ roof at 10″ from the windshield sure messed my car up. It looks like a transit bus now and I am terribly upset and disappoined. I take a lot of pride in my cars and I loved racing and being in this car, but now, at least right now, I have lost a lot of my love for how it looks…..terrible. I expect to be waved down by someone soon looking for a ride, thinking it’s a bus taxi and then have them complain cause there are no seats.
There’s nothing I can do about it now, but I feel like I’ve lost something and maybe I will get over it, but right now I feel kind of awkward getting in this car now. It just dosen’t appeal to me.
Time heals….we’ll see.

Modified Hot Laps At Sunset Speedway

Our crew had a great afternoon testing our Mod at Sunset. Marty, Matt, Billy, Karen and Matt’s son’s Andrew and Jon came as well. Jon will be pitting for us in 2015 and for him, it was an eye opening day.
We had over heating issues each time out and need to get that resolved for opening day. See the full story on Diary of a Season 2015.
I must say, my crew were good, we worked together well and in spite of our bad luck the car was decent.
Chad Strawn, David Baylych, Dan Price, AJ Elms and Corey Horner were there to test, only about 5 cars ready for testing. I used our tires from Autumn Colors, while some teams had 4 new tires for testing.
We have some work to do this week, getting our trailer and truck safety inspected, and now getting the heating issue fixed on the Modified.
Our first race of the season will be this Saturday at Full Throttle Speedway in the Late Model, more on that as well on Diary of a Season 2015.
Special thanks to my crew for coming out, we are all looking forward to a fun year with the OSCAAR Mods.

Late Model Ready For Pracitce

We got our Late Model back from Creative Edge, and once again Steve and the boys did an awesome job. This paint scheme is different than any before, but similar to 2011. I like it very much and know all my sponsors will be happy with the car and the look. Marty Hagen came over on Sunday and we scaled the car getting the numbers where we wanted to start. We still have a few minor things to do and then we’ll be ready to go. The Modified is 95% ready, just a few things left. It sure would be good to get a little more help but most of my crew are 2 hours away and I appreciate them coming to the races. Matt and Jon Smith will be at many races, as will my cousin Ryan, when he can get out. Marty will make most of the Mod shows, and new crew member Billy Redgift will make as many as he can throughtout the season.
Billy and I were on the same Dart team, we had fun playing Darts and when I told him about the races he got very interested. I still could use more help but it seems most everyone is way too busy to help out. Once the cars are ready, and they will be soon, then we know we will be fine with our crew making it to the races.
Special thanks to Marty Hagen, Matt and Jon Smith, Ryan Elliott, Jason Legge, Corey Adams, Ron Gibbons and Billy Redgift.
Practice for the Mod is this coming Sunday, with opening day at Sunset on May 16th. The Late Model starts racing on May 9th at Varney. Our schedule will be done this week, and posted on our web site and face book.

OSCAAR Modified Lettered For 2015

We finally got our Modified back from Creative Edge. Looks much like it did in 2014. We still need to make a few little things for the car, bleed the brakes, add lead, and scale it, then buy tires.
Once that’s done we will be ready for practice day at Sunset in 2 weeks.
Special thanks to Ron Easton of Oakville Trailers for making some changes on the Modified, to Marty Hagen for his help getting my cars ready and to Steve Lyons at Creative Edge for his finishing touch on our 2015 OSCAAR Modified.
My schedule will be posted soon, and I will be updating my 2015 crew and sponsors for this coming season.
I am so thankful that Quaker State will be back again for an incredible 42nd season.

Late Model Ready For Creative Edge

Thanks to the hard work of one of my crew members, and crew chief, Marty Hagen, our car is ready to be lettered. The Modified is getting lettered now and will be done soon. I will be posting my 2015 agressive schedule very soon, so watch for it and other interesting things happening for the coming year.

Late Model Painted

032815 (9)Ron Easton, owner of Oakville Trailers, painted our car this weekend. I am happy with how it turned out. Now we will get the rest of the mechanical done and send it out for lettering to Creative Edge.
The windows need to go in, but before that, we will clean the car inside first, and buff both front and rear windows.

Late Model Slowly Coming Together

032115 (2)
Our Late Model has been undergoing some minor repairs, nothing very serious in 2014 that meant we needed a major over haul. We could use an updated car, perhaps one of the newer Late Models, but that isn’t in the budget so we will make the Late Model I’ve had since I started, get the job done in 2015.
Ron Easton, o/o of Oakville Trailers is dong the body work and will have the car painted by mid April, then it comes home for pre practice prep.
The only parts we will need are shocks and springs, and valve springs for the engine.
Once the pre practice work is done, we will send the car to Steve Lyons of Creative Edge for lettering. The Modified will go first.
Though a little later than normal for having my cars race ready, we are still in good shape to be ready for practice day.
I will be posting our 2015 schedule soon and it’s going to be a busy season.
We are at 721 consecutive nights, and my goal is 800 in a row before I retire, so putting a bunch in this year wil let me reduce the number of races over the next 3 years. I do understand that I can’t do this without help, and without the grace of God to give me good health, a good crew and the continued support from my sponsors. I have been blessed and I am truly thankful for all I have been given. I love this sport, and all the people in it.