July 4th Brycon Construction 150…. Petty International Raceway

Getting excited for this big race July 4th. Haven’t raced 150 lapper in decades. That’s not counting a heat and maybe last chance.
Yes I am somewhat nervous. New car, never been moved yet, and never been on Petty International Raceway before.
I’m waiting for gaskets to come in to fix a fuel leak that started recently, I really need them by July 2nd to finish the car.
Looking forward to this race to promote my sport and my sponsors.
Thanks to Sue Chisholm for making this ad for me.
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Brycon Construction 150….Petty International Raceway

With borders finally opening in the Maritimes, race teams will get their first race of 2020 at Petty International Raceway on July 4th.
The Brycon Construction 150. It will be a 150 lap race for all Pro Stock Late Models from Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.
I hope to get out Friday night and practice there, so far there has been no opportunity to practice even moving the car, let alone racing it.
I hope to have an advertisement to post soon.
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1999 Our 2nd Championship

In 1999 we had our first complete new race car, built by Ray Hughes at Jim Wards shop. At the end of 98′ I asked Ray what I could do to make my car better. I wasn’t able to do much better than a top 4 every week. It was him, David and Rob Mass who were winning consistently.
Ray looked at my car and said “this is a piece of s%^&, you need a new car”. I asked him what was wrong with it and he pointed out several logical things. One being the rear springs, they were too short, only 36″, he recommended 54″. Then he asked me if I would like to drive his car in hot laps the following week, I said sure.
I drove his Coupe for about 10 laps and it was excellent. The only thing was my helmet was slightly hitting the roof roll cage. When I pulled into the pits Paul Fisher motioned me to their pit. When I got out he asked me how I liked it and I told him the 2 minor things I would change. He said “well if you weren’t 100% happy I am very surprised because your fastest laps were “2 hundreds” off Rays fastest. That settled it for me and in the winter of 98 I called Jim Ward and he had Ray build me a new car.
We won the 1999 Championship that year, our 2nd in my career and it felt incredible to win another Championship, but 2 years after my disqualification. That car would win a bunch more features over the next 5 seasons before I moved up to Late Models. In 2004 we were leading the points. We won 2 features but blew up 2 engines. It was a frustrating season, but this was a great car. It’s now in Michigan, but I sold it here in Ontario.
More pictures to come
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2016 Riverside International Speedway

My first trip to this track since 1984 when I raced here and finished 3rd in the feature in the Hobby class. I didn’t fair near as good this time but I had a fun (but exhausting) trip with Lloyd, Billi and Abby.
I will keep updating pictures of my past while we wait for 2020 to begin.
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Remembrance Day….Thank You Dad….And All Those Who Served

My Dad left his family and his Nova Scotia home, to go to France to fight against the Nazi drive to take over Europe. What really upset Dad was when Hitler suggested they would be heading to Canada after Europe.
Dad was 19. He drove a jeep and a big truck taking supplies to soldiers.
While overseas his Mom (Ally) died.  Losing his Mom while he was so far away hurt him more than anything else. He came home a very hurt and an angry young man.
He would carry hurts from this war for years, and did his best to love and care for his family in spite of all his battles.   Dad became a top welder for the Boiler Makers Union and often fixed my race cars.
God bless you Dad and all those who served in the crazy wars on this planet.

Flamboro Pro Late Model Getting Prepared

We are working hard on David’s 2015 Championship car, getting it ready for our season opener at Flamboro Speedway on April 28th. There is lots to do, and now, man hours will be very important for us to get this car ready and lettered to start the season. My crew have been extremely helpful this year, and in this photo, David, Eddie and I get some things done.
My 50th year will have many high lites, but one is sharing this ride with my son in 2017.
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