Next!!!!! Modified Coming Together

While the Late Model is undergoing a make over that I hope covers up the mess I brought to Steve Lyons at Creative Edge, the Modified is going together very nice.
The paint job on the Modified, done by Josh Watson is amazing and that car will look great as far as paint is concerned.
The Late Model paint scheme is going to be very nice, I just wished my program could have been started earlier to have both car in A-1 shape.
I will take the Modified with me Friday when I pick up the Late Model.
More pictures to come regarding the Modified progress. Thanks for visiting our site.

Things Getting Done For Both Cars On A Few Fronts

This weekend should be a big one for us as we try to get a bunch off our list. The panels for both cars are being painted now by Josh Watson. His Dad Glen Watson has been a very successful Super Late Model racer for years with OSCAAR. This picture shows the red panels now painted green……note the Quaker State sign in the back ground, Josh set that up, pretty cool.
I am proud to have Josh do the painting for our Modified and Late Model, can’t wait to get them back and then send it to Creative Edge for lettering.
We will hopefully get the drive line in the Late Model this weekend as well as the wheel bearings packed, brakes bled and lead in stalled.
Special thanks to my crew member Lloyd for coming to help this weekend and Ken Baylis and his crew for offering to give us hand on Saturday. More soon.

Mod List Getting Smaller……Thank You Lloyd

The past few days have knocked off most of the first list for the OSCAAR Modified. Lloyd came down and we got the wheel bearings repacked, a complete nut and bolt, the brakes bled, the led painted, the chassis painted and an oil and filter change.
The body panels will hopefully be dropped off to Josh Watson by Tuesday as well as the Late Model parts to be painted. Once those are installed it goes to Creative Edge for lettering then a final scale.
When the Late Model gets here we have a fairly big list on it that includes all the things on the Mod, as well as installing the led, assembling the new engine bolt on stuff, water pump, clutch, starter, carb, prime the engine, install the distributor, wires, power steering etc. Top up all the levels, add water. Then install the drive line and the painted body panels. It then needs to be started, and once that gets a thumbs up it goes to Creative Edge for lettering. The Late Model season starts before the Mod…..things are very tight right now, but we still look good to be ready for opening day and keep our streak going.
Thanks for visiting, more updates soon.

Preparing Mod Chassis for Paint

What an ordeal it was just to get my Mod chassis power washed this week. A good friend came over Sunday to help sand some panels, in preparation for Josh Watson to paint. Then we put air in the tires and loaded the rolling chassis in the trailer so I could head out Monday and get it power washed.
I stopped at Canadian Tire and bought some Gunk degreaser, then went to the local coin wash. I got set up with coins, quarters and had my stuff ready to spray down the chassis with the Gunk. After dropping the trailer door I undid the rear hold down strap and started to use the winch. Soon I saw the RR tire was flat. I could not budget it. It was too heavy to push with no air in one tire. I jacked up the trailer thinking that would help tip it backwards but no luck. So I reloaded and drove away discouraged.
But!!! I thought about Bill Grisdale having a power washer outside and I could get air in the tire, and maybe he would let me do it there. He said sure, so I headed quickly. The boys in the shop put air in the tire. I was good to go….accept the battery went dead for the winch. They came back out again, I felt stupid, not being organized, and apologized. They were cool and we got it off. The location was perfect, out of the wind and close to home.
Now to soak the chassis and frame down. Are you kidding???? I forgot the Gunk at the coin wash in Waterdown. I was thinking, is this my first year racing??? I decided to go into Grisdales APC store and see if they carried degreaser and they said yes, I was pumped…..that is till I was informed they were out of stock. So I reloaded the car with the boys help and went home, put the battery on charge and planned to try again Tuesday and this picture shows the job getting done.
With just a few weeks to go to get both cars ready I can’t afford to do things twice lol….still looking for help if anyone can assit Lloyd and I over the next few weeks, sure would be nice. PM me if you can help us or email me at

It’s April…We’re Way Behind….I Hope Never Again!!!!!

The Modified is done chassis, shock, engine wise, but the body needs complete sanding, all exterior and interior panels, then it has to be loaded to power wash the chassis and frame, drive line etc. Wheel bearings will have to be repacked and brakes bled. The body panels go for painting the end of this coming week, then it must be reassembled…then taken to Creative Edge and lettered. Once that’s done I need to buy tires and a final scale before the Modified hits the track…..Currently I am sanding the body so Josh Watson can paint it for me. The body will still be black with a green interior and once Josh is done I will send it right away to Steve Lyons for lettering. A lot to do on this car yet…..The Late Model should be home this week. I have more work to do on it, including putting the 604 together with all bolt on parts, installing the driveline, bleeding the brakes, repacking the wheel bearings, then scaling it. Then I am sending it to Creative Edge for lettering. Not really a lot but the Late Model season starts in a month….I’m not sure how much is left on the LM, it’s not home yet. No real panic yet. I would like to get some practice in for both cars before practice day, if we can make it for practice….going to be close.
My other concern of course is getting some help. I am using whoever will lend a hand, and today one of my Dart friends is heading over to sand the Modified body….my plan will be to start on both cars right after this season ends and get a good jump on 2017….but this season demands my upmost attention…thanks for visiting more updates soon.

Oakville Trailers Getting Modified Closer

These pictures from March 30th show our Modified taking shape. Mostly cosmetic updates for this year. Things have been hectic for me causing a slow start on our cars, but we are in high gear now and looking forward to getting both cars home and finished.
The Modified will be painted by Josh Watson once it’s stripped down. The new bars will be chromed by Metal Coaters and once those are finished the car will head to Creative Edge for lettering.
For any trailer work, DOT safeties on trailers, cars, or trucks, having a new trailer built, or race cars up grades including set up, call Ron at Oakville Trailers…..905-469-8939…..thanks for visiting our site………….Note in the back ground is Rick Schurr’s OSCAAR Mod being wrapped by Chuck Barton. Derek Jackson is there as well.

Modified Getting Make-Over At Oakville Trailers

Our Modified was taken to Oakville Trailers where Ron Easton will make some repairs to the chassis, side bars, front and rear bumpers and body sheet metal.
There are a few more repairs and changes that need to be done as well. Our quick change needs repairs as do some shock mounts and the pan hard bar adjuster.
The Mod is in good hands with Ron and his team, although Ron will do 90% of the work needed to get our car ready. Mike Larkin and I stripped the body and suspension parts. Then we cleaned all the parts we removed. I made it down to clean the chassis by hand with varsol. There was no power washer so I may take our Mod to a car wash to do a final more thorough cleaning before we paint the frame….more news and hopefully a few press releases are on the horizon. Stay tuned…and thanks for visiting our site.

2015 OSCAAR Modified Sportsman of the Year

I just want to thank my racing peers in the OSCAAR Mods for voting me the Sportsman of the Year 2015. It is truly an honor to win such an award. Thanks from my heart.
This was a great year for my team, thanks to Jason Legge who helped us immensely by providing a place for us to keep our race cars.
We finished 7th in the Sauble Speedway points and 5th in the Full Throttle Motor Speedway points.
Our best accomplishment was the Modified OSCAAR series, finishing 4th in the standings. Special thanks to my crew for helping in 2015, especially Lloyd Lariviere who made 22 of 32 race nights.
We are now in the process of rebuilding for 2016.
We also have a big announcement to make, very exciting….and very soon.
……….sorry for the bad photo, taken with my phone.