Sunset/OSCSCAR Memorial for John Harper Sad, But Successful2019Sunset/OSCSCAR Memorial for John Harper Sad, But Successful

We had a great memorial for John “Spider Man” Harper on Saturday at Sunset Speedway. Jackie, John’s wife, asked me to speak on behalf of John and the family and I was honored to do so. I was also able to share the Gospel and pray after the Memorial in the tech garage. We then went outside and got this picture (courtesy of Ashley McCubbin).
Later on the front chute, right after fan appreciation Meet the Drivers, I was again able to speak to the fans about John. There was a moments silence and then I was honored to invite God into our service with prayer through Jesus Christ.
The full report on June 29th will be completed by Friday. You can find all race results and reports on Diary of a Season 2019. Go to the Message Board, then click on General Chat and you will see all the posts from 2007, including 50 Years of Stats.
Thank you for visiting our site….and please continue to pray for Jackie, Dave, John’s brother and their family. 🙂

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