Grind Stone Back With Us For 2020

I am excited to post that Grind Stone is back again with us for the 13th season.
Even though I will be mostly racing in the Maritimes, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, I will be coming to Ontario for 3 or 4 races in the fall of 2020.
Jay and his family love racing and have been a tremendous support to me and my team since 2008.
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Lincoln Electric Returns For Our 18th Season Together

I am excited to announce that Lincoln Electric will be with us again in 2020 for an amazing 18th season. I am very thankful to have this welding supply corporation part of our sponsorship team for 2020.
My Dad was a top welder who’s work was on display at the Boiler Makers Union office in Toronto. Dad never failed a welding test or x-ray when he went to a job site. All men sent from the Union Office had to do a root pass and it had to pass the bend test or x-ray and he never failed one…….his favorite welder was always Lincoln Electric.
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Quaker State and Gary Elliott Motorsports Enter 47th Season

I am so thrilled to be racing in our 52nd season and have my great long time sponsor Quaker State with my team for 2020. This will be the 3rd year of a three year contract. Quaker State has been with me since 1974, we are the longest driver sponsor partnership in racing history. Richard Petty has been with STP two years longer, but Richard retired in 1992 to become a team owner with STP as one of his primary sponsors.
We are hoping to get another 3 years with Quaker State to take us to an amazing 50 years together, hopefully I hear that good news by early spring.
I will be posting pictures of our new race car very soon on Diary of a Season 2020, as well as our sponsors who will be with us this coming year.
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David Inducted Into The Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame

Congratulations to my son for his induction into the Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame on February 1st. It was done prior to the awards ceremony. Others inducted were Warren Coniam, Don Thompson Jr., Ron Shaw, Ron Snyder and Al Bowman.
David was no doubt one of the hardest and most successful Hobby/CVM and Late Model drivers at Flamboro Speedway with a combined 14 Championships and over 60 feature wins.
David was very honored to be inducted. He will be inducted later in the year in the Hobby Hall of Fame at the end of the 2020 season.
David was supported by his wife Jeannie, Mom Nonie, sister Shirley, brother in law Derrick, nephew Gehrig, nieces Lauren and Brianna as well as crew chief Eddie Askin and friend Kevin Cantwell.
I will be posting pictures soon of my new Late Model and sponsors I have secured for 2020 as well as my new pit crew.
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Tommy Cuzzila Crosses The Finish Line…God Bless & Comfort His Family

My condolences and prayers of comfort and peace go to the Cuzzila family. Tommy Cuzzila passed away last week. He was a grass roots charger, always giving his best racing against the very best of his era. Glenn Schurr, Jack Greedy, Howie Scannell, John Clapman, Kenny Andrews, Sammy Snider, Harv Lennox “Tammy 10” and many more.
I was very blessed to know Tommy and bought parts off him when he worked for New York Auto Wreckers, and watched him race for years. This picture is from 2014 at Peterborough Speedway Autumn Colors.
His grandson Alex, will dedicate all his wins in memory of his grandfather.
God bless and comfort his family in their loss.
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Happy New Year To All My Friends and Families

New Years was a great time for Buttons and I. We had family over to play some music and bring in the New Year. Tom, Kim, Joanne, Uncle Car and cousin Mike were here.
In this picture from left to right is Tom, Kim Bruce and Joanne.
I will be posting pictures of the race car progress very soon.
Wishing you all a blessed 2020.
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Truro Home Has Buttons and I Very Happy

I must say since moving here I have been able to complete the inside of my house, get it decorated for Christmas and finish my garage. Getting all my trophies, as well as David’s, Shirley’s, Gehrig and Lauren’s up given me a big sense of relief.
I am quite relaxed….if that’s possible.
My children just left after a great visit this past weekend. They loved the home they got for me and I think were very surprised how much was done in 2 months.
My cousin Kim Turchstra and he husband Tom as well as Joanne are coming on Boxing Day and will stay a week with me and that’s going to be awesome.
Here’s a picture of my Quaker State collection, well most of it. I do need to get caught up with my scrap books, they are way behind. I have up to 2012 complete….need to get on that very soon. Buttons, though happy, can’t help with that. 🙂
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